Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This whole damned thing is my fault.

It is. It's true. Around the turn of the century, I wrote a stupid little 'zine called The Journal of MODOK Studies. It was awesome. Not because of anything I did, necessarily, but because it exposed the world to the awesomeness of MODOK. I even went to the San Diego Comic Book Convention and gave copies of the book to everyone at the Marvel booth. People liked this 'zine. People liked this 'zine because people liked MODOK. But now, now that bastard's everywhere. He's basically a running gag over there in the Marvel Universe. People are writing and drawing all kinds of MODOK stories. He's not this crazy big-headed guy you have to search back issues of ClanDestine to find 2 or 3 panels of MODOK goodness. And you know what? I'm taking full credit for all of it. And for that, I'm sorry. But, basically...he's not mine anymore.

So MODOK and I are breaking up. We had a good run. I was cool with him having things on the side. It was an open thing. But them I noticed that I was putting way more into this relationship than I was getting out. MODOK was out there hamming it up in everything from straight-up "serious" superhero stuff to "wacky" re-imaginings of "what if MODOK lived in his mom's basement" or whatever. So, world, he's yours. You can have him. I loved him, and in a lot of ways, I still do, but it's just not working out. It's not him...it's me. It's something I'm going through. I'll deal with it.

BUT...you guys are the winners because if you keep watching this space, you're gonna get all three issues of The Journal of MODOK Studies as well as all the stuff I had together for the 4th issue that was never published and whatever other MODOK crap I have around. Take it. It's yours.


  1. I loved JoMS!
    I found the first issue in my local comic store (the late, great Pegasus Books, run by Dark Horse comics founder's sibling Pat Richardson) in Vancouver Washington.
    I gave Pat a Modok toy I found in a thrift store and he made a little display of your zine with Modok as the centerpiece.
    What I loved about your zine, aside from the right-on Modok devotion, was the fact that there was absolutely no web link, email or anything that would give it away as a turn o' the century artifact.
    Thanks for the larfs!

  2. more than 600 MODOK commissions since 2004, some posted here:


    bought every copy of "the journal" last gasp owned, putting you in their top-sell list and causing riots.

    understand the break-up all too well and thought you should know he was cheating on you anyway.


  3. Well, thanks for rendering my previously-valuable complete "slabbed" collection of JOMS completely worthless! Go to Hell, "George Tarleton"!

  4. The inhumanity! What will you do with the royalties from the new M.O.D.O.K. statue and Heroclix figures, not to mention the upcoming series from AMC? Just see if you can live with yourself as you watch your Wiz Kids stock rise.